Monday, February 25, 2008

I Believe

It has come to my attention that we don't believe in each other anymore. I was talking to someone the other day about how quickly life was changing for myself and everyone else I knew. I mentioned that I was really happy for one of our friends and commented that they deserved this because they had done everything right. It quickly became obvious that the person I was talking to wasn't comfortable assuming our friend had in fact done everything right. They thought this person probably had, but couldn't be sure. They then began explaining that this person had certain weaknesses that led them to believe that if they had done everything the right way there must be other circumstances that made it easier for them.

This way of thinking absolutely breaks me. I hurts me to know that we have been so jaded by this world that we no longer believe in each other. That we need to assume the worst and explain away the best. Our weaknesses do not define us. Our relationship with Jesus defines us. I'm a visual guy. Its (one of) my weakness. If your a friend of mine and a female I've checked you out at least once, you've probably noticed. Sorry. Anyway, here's the thing, it doesn't define who I am or how I relate to people, and if I don't look at porn (big if) its not because my Internet connection is slow or the gas station was out of Playboys. When I choose not to sin its not because sin is less convenient. Sin is always more convenient. When I do the right thing its because I know Jesus. I made a decision - fostered a relationship - adopted a set principles. I do the right thing (when I do it) because its the right thing. I know its the right thing because the Holy Spirit in me says it is.

We can't quit believing in each other. I've made my mistakes. People I love have messed up in ways I never thought possible. I've seen my share of pain and sin and darkness. I haven't given up on you. I will not let the world win that way. I would rather assume the best of you and look like a fool that doubt you and look like a prophet. I believe you are more than your weakness - stronger than your fear. I believe that God lives in and empowers you. There is no evil you can't overcome, no good you can't accomplish. I believe you can. I believe you will. I believe you are all you've been called to be. Not because I am, but because I need you to be. We all need you to be.

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