Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today - 4.5 Billion people live without Christ. Today - 1.5 billion people woke up and laid down having never heard the name Jesus. Today - 26,000 children died from malnutrition and preventable debases. Today - I did nothing.

This morning the word was wait. I was reminded by a dear friend to wait on Jesus. Rely on and rest in Christ. I believe that to be what God desires in our hearts. Reliance on and faith in Him. I believe we must guard and quiet our hearts so there is a place for Jesus. The work there is tender and slow.

Tonight the word is go. Quiet waiting is not God's desire for our hands and feet and check books. We are the Church. We have a mission. The stakes are high and the need is urgent. Tomorrow people will die and face an eternity without Jesus. Now is the time for action, today is the day of salvation.

I don't know what I can do tomorrow to make a dent in those statistics, but I better make damn sure I figure out a way to do more than I did today. The world cannot afford for Christians to live the way I lived today. The least and first thing we should do is commit ourselves to doing something, God has promised that if we are faithful to preach many will hear and call his name and be saved. Not enough is made of that promise. What are we going to do about that? It's way to big of a promise to be ignored.

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