Sunday, January 6, 2008

tonight's prayer

Father God,
Thank you for bringing me to this place. Thank you for using this week to remind me that I have no control. I thank you that I am now in a place where I remember that you are all there is. You have authored the events in my life in such a way as to bring me this place in this hour. I pray that tonight, through your strength and grace, I'm able to take the first step in a journey that leads me to a place where I'm able to walk with purpose beside you. I pray that tomorrow I have the will and determination that take the second step in that journey. As I go to your word now I pray that you would reveal yourself to me through it. Move me, touch me, remind me. Father God, Guide what I write here tonight. I pray that anyone who sees this page finds a clear image of you in a broken picture of me.


I'm not sure why I felt like sharing this, but I did so here it is.

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