Sunday, January 6, 2008

It Starts

This is my first attempt at writing about my quiet time, its also my first attempt at at quiet time in a while so I apologize if this gets ugly. I found a bible reading plan online and read what it had for today. I was in Luke 8, Genesis 12, and Psalms 6.

We'll begin in Luke 8. Its the parable of the sower. After reading the parable I decided it would be good to figure out which kind of seed represents me. I couldn't pick one so I wandered about why that might be for a moment. I noticed that all the seeds, with the exception of the seeds on the path, involved salvation and some sort of growth. I decided I'm not a path seed, I'm saved. I'm pretty sure I'm not a rock seed. I'm saved, been through a good bit of testing, and I still love Jesus. I don't think I've grown enough to determine if I'm among thorns or in good soil. Hopefully this has started the watering process and we'll be able to tell where I am very soon.

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