Thursday, October 13, 2011


Time can make more rubble out of dreams than anything.
In a quiet neighborhood where she's living without wings.
The boredom stirs a rage inside her soul
A rage that reaches out and takes control.

Everyone has questions, but no one wants to know
How far the rage inside someone can really make them go.
-Noah and The Whale; Wild Thing-

In this world there's a whole lot of trouble, baby,
In this world there's a whole lot of pain
In this world there's a whole lot of trouble
but a whole lot of ground to gain.

Why take when you could be giving?
Why watch as the world goes by?
Its a long enough life to be living,
why walk when you can fly?

When you spend your whole life wishing
Watching and wondering why.
Its a hard enough life to be living,
why walk when you can fly?
-Andrew Peterson; Why Walk When You Can Fly-

I feel a restlessness.  In my church and small group - among my friends.  There seems to be an expectation of bigger things.  I believe God is moving.  It is a whisper - a stirring call into deeper water.  I can hear it when I'm quite - feel it when I breathe.  God is doing something.  Isn't that exciting?  Don't you want to be part of it?

God is calling us to life.  He wants us to live.  We have dreams and passions - we want so much more.  Those things come from Jesus.  We were created to live big and love deeply.  We are called to leap out into the wide open.  To many of us are sitting on the edge watching life fly by.  You have been given wings.  Being afraid to use them will do nasty things to you.  You'll get bored and apathetic and angry.  I've been there.  It is so dangerous.  

If you are bored with life you need to spend some time with Jesus and find out what it is you are passionate about.  I believe we all have something.  For me its flying, for some its walking with High School kids or accounting (weird, I know) or photography or being a mommy.  I don't know what it is for you, but you need to.  You have a passion - you have dreams. In the name of mature responsibility you may have buried them, dig them back up.  Remember.  

If you know what your passions are but are afraid to pursue them I can confidently say that you are being called to let go of that fear.  The time for waiting and wishing is over.  It is time to for action.  The kingdom of God is moving.  Take hold of it.  It is difficult but it is life.  

You have a choice to make.  Do you want to sit and watch or do you want to fly?  I promise you can fly.

Note:  I hate this post. I almost delete it every time I think about it.  Its so inadequate.  I'm afraid it won't motivate - that is doesn't accurately convey what's at stake.  It needs to be more.  I feel it more than I can express.   I'm also struck by how bad I am at living it.  I'm not fully surrendered, I feel like when I do fly I'm afraid to venture too far.  I like to fly but the sky is deep and wide - there are unknowns.  At an airshow lately they were giving balloon rides, the problem with a balloon is that it is difficult to control.  You cut loose and the wind takes you were it wills.  They had the balloon tethered to the ground.  I remember wondering why anyone would want to fly like that - its not even really flying. Yet here I am flying tethered.  I trust so little.  

God, help us cut the tether.  Help our unbelief.  Give us courage.  Lead us into the wild blue places of adventure and love and life.  Take us with you.  Cut us loose.  Set us free.  


Lisa Bell said...

I like the thought about flying tethered. I can relate to that because that's me. I want to be so much more but fear, rejection, and a host of other things make it seem like the safer option. But I don't want to live safe. I want to live free. I needed this visual.

I'm blown away every time I read your blog. I appreciate your willingess to be real and raw all at the same time. Its refreshing & it's brave & it's moving.

Chris said...

Thanks, Lisa, it's nice to have you stop by. I appreciate your kind words. I do think safe is overrated. The thing is, we are free. That particular request has already been granted. I guess now its just a matter of what we're going to do about it.