Monday, January 14, 2008

Just ask the Bluths

I'm not really going to be able to do this tonight. Its been one of those days and I can't concentrate anymore. I will say that I thought it was interesting in Mathew 14 when Jesus tells the disciples that Elijah has already come and they missed it. It makes me wonder if our generation has done the same. Would we recognize God's profit? Are we so caught up in being new and relevant that we wouldn't recognize truth? Truth hasn't changed - God hasn't changed. Have we reformed so much that we would reject and discredit any man that spoke and acted like Jesus? Could we accept the message despite the messenger? Do we have the ability to lay down our assumptions and see what God is actually doing? I don't know. When I read the words of Jesus I'm blown away, but I have the benefit of living 2000 years this side of the cross. Would Jesus be cool if he came now? Would he have cool black reading glasses? Would he teach in jeans and v-neck sweaters? I assume he would wear sandals. I doubt he would look like us. Would we recognize and accept him if he didn't?

I'm not sure how I got on that. Told you I couldn't concentrate. What I meant to do was tell you what I do when I have trouble praying, like I did tonight. I started doing this several years ago in shear desperation to talk to God. I knew I couldn't ask him for things (didn't trust him) and I thought him disinterested in the every day affairs of my life, so I wasn't sure what to talk to him about. Totally exasperated one night I sat down and recited The Lord's Prayer. It worked. It seemed to me that it got me talking about the things God was interested in - His glory and my sin. I've since felt that The Lord's Prayer is like one of those model homes - It may not be tailored specifically to you, but you can live in it.

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Aaron said...

I just love reading your blog, man!